Academic Editing Services

The aim of functional editing is a document you can submit with confidence.

Functional editing ensures that the language, content and structure of a document exactly meets the purpose for which you created the document. FunctionalEdit will carry out only the work needed for you to succeed: that’s what the ‘Functional’ in FunctionalEdit means.

There are many other types of editing, some of which involve a lot more time and money; we don’t recommend them because they won’t improve your chances of successful submission.

  • Academic editing is our business; it’s all we do, we specialise in just this.
  • Clear pricing before we start, you know what we recommend and what you will pay.
  • Best value for money; we do all that you need, we don’t do what you don’t need.
  • Our academic editors have tertiary qualifications and decades of experience.
  • Guaranteed delivery: once we agree on a date, we meet it.
  • Results as soon as possible; we won’t waste time prettying things up.
  • Recommended by university professors, lecturers and tutors for 20 years.
  • Tested and proven; review the testimonials from our satisfied clients.


1. Can you edit a thesis chapter by chapter?

Yes, we can, though we would ask that the chapters be provided in their order in the thesis. However, we should point out that it’s more efficient and effective to edit a thesis as a single document.

2. Will you provide feedback on a chapter by chapter basis?

Yes, but only if we’re editing on this basis; via comments when we deliver each chapter.

3. What’s the turnaround for a thesis?

Allow at least five business days, but it may be as much as ten business days – it’ll depend on length and complexity.

4. Do I have to book a job?

Yes, because we’re likely to be busy with several projects and will have to find a slot for your job.

5. Can I get a discount because I’m a student?

No, we charge every client the same hourly rate. The total amount charged for a job reflects the time taken to do it rather than the client’s status.


Great job, thanks a lot for your quick service. Your comments are really helpful, too.

Professor Frank Lattuch Fachhochschule Muenster, Germany, September 2017
Article for publication, Business Administration

Alvien, my PhD student who wrote that dense thesis on Maths, got really good reviews. Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job with his thesis!

Dr Gail Forey, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, January 2017
PhD, English

Thanks again for your excellent editing work! For my future work such as papers, proposals and other documents, I am sure I will need more help from you. If I have papers/ documents / presentations relating to my thesis, I will contact you for editing work.

Edward Wei, University of South Australia, March 2014
PhD, Marketing

Your editing of my thesis has been invaluable. I will pass your details onto other postgraduate students.

John Gamble, University of Technology, Sydney, March 2014
PhD, Architecture

Thank you very much indeed for those clarifications on my queries and your additional corrections. I, too, think that the file is now completed; thank you again for the effort you have put into my thesis, it has greatly contributed to the quality of the text.

Enno Ruppert, University of Muenster, Germany, July 2015
PhD, Law

Many thanks for the superb job - I appreciate how much care and effort you have put into making this a professional document. It strikes me that researching the Immigration Department’s official style for the WAP goes beyond the call of duty - I would never have considered it although it makes perfect sense.

Greg Watters, Deakin University, November 2010
PhD, Humanities

Thank you so much for doing this so promptly. I am delighted with what you have done and it has certainly increased the quality of the report. I am sure that all the colleagues involved in this report will be very pleased with how it is reading now.

Chris Rossiter, University of Technology, Sydney, December 2012
Research Report

I just like to finally say how much I appreciate your professionalism and dedication. All that I heard about your reputation is more than true and I wish you all the best. I will certainly pass the word on about how good you are.

John Girdwood, University of Sydney, July 2012
PhD, Commerce

I would like to thank you for all your assistance as I have no doubt that the work you undertook with my thesis paid enormous dividends. You were very supportive with a large task and nothing seemed too much trouble. I greatly appreciated your work and attention to detail. I believe that by addressing all the feedback that you raised directly contributed to such an excellent outcome.

Kate Ashman, La Trobe University, November 2016
PhD, Accounting