Academic Editing Services

The aim of functional editing is a document you can submit with confidence.

Functional editing ensures that the language, content and structure of a document exactly meets the purpose for which you created the document. FunctionalEdit will carry out only the work needed for you to succeed: that’s what the ‘Functional’ in FunctionalEdit means.

There are many other types of editing, some of which involve a lot more time and money; we don’t recommend them because they won’t improve your chances of successful submission.

  • Academic editing is our business; it’s all we do, we specialise in just this.
  • Clear pricing before we start, you know what we recommend and what you will pay.
  • Best value for money; we do all that you need, we don’t do what you don’t need.
  • Our academic editors have tertiary qualifications and decades of experience.
  • Guaranteed delivery: once we agree on a date, we meet it.
  • Results as soon as possible; we won’t waste time prettying things up.
  • Recommended by university professors, lecturers and tutors for 20 years.
  • Tested and proven; review the testimonials from our satisfied clients.

Why get your document edited?

You will save time and money! And you will have a much higher chance of achieving the result you want on the first submission.

Writing English to publishing standard takes time and effort. A lot of time and effort. And it takes years to learn how to do that. We have; so you don’t have to. Chances are ‘truly excellent academic English’ is not what you have been studying. It is what we have been studying, these past several decades.

We offer you the use of our expertise to polish your work so that it achieves the result you hoped for the first time.

You literally can’t afford to submit a thesis to your faculty that does not follow its guidelines, has errors in it, or simply isn’t up to the standards expected of a thesis. At the very least your examiners will demand that typographical errors will be corrected; but in cases of more serious problems they may require that a chapter or more be restructured, a section rewritten, tables and figures restructured, and so on. A very common request to writers who are not native English speakers is to have their thesis edited by someone who is, and to re-submit it. Our editor will enable you to have it right the first time.

Having a manuscript rejected by a journal or a book publisher is not only hurtful and embarrassing but means time-consuming rewriting and submission to another publisher, with no guarantee of greater success. We won’t let that happen to you: you take care of the science, and we’ll ensure your text is great.

Guenter Plum

Guenter Plum

  • PhD (Linguistics), University of Sydney (1988)
  • Teacher of linguistics Sydney University, Macquarie University, Hong Kong University
  • Manager Technical Documentation and AI Research Fujitsu Australia
  • Educational Consultant Hong Kong University, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, Wollongong University
  • Developer / Consultant Web-delivered English language resources for Hong Kong primary and secondary schools Hong Kong University
  • Researcher Academic Discourse Macquarie University


Each team member has more than 20 years’ experience of academic, technical and commercial writing in a wide range of disciplines.


FunctionalEdit specialises in just one ‘product’: academic editing. We apply that editing to a wide range of publication types, for a very wide range of clients.


We handle the following kinds of academic documents:

  • Dissertations / theses: PhD, Professional Doctorate, Masters and Honours
  • Assignments / essays: undergraduate courses
  • Monographs
  • Journal articles
  • Books
  • Research reports

Service Levels

You can choose from five kinds of service:

  • Copy Editing
  • Substantive Editing
  • Formatting
  • Reference Checking
  • Final Reviewing

Effectively, we do functional editing on all documents, but enable you to manage time and cost by choosing a service level.